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How To Domain Transfer In Namecheap & Domain Transfer For Beginners Follow Step By Step

How To Domain Transfer In Namecheap & Domain Transfer For Beginners Follow Step By Step

Hello friends, today I will teach you how to transfer domains from your domain panel to another account. In today's blog, the transfer will be discussed in detail. Read the whole blog carefully. I hope you can learn Domain Transfer In Namecheap something good from this blog.

 Friends today I will teach you how to transfer Roman from namecheap domain panel.

A lot of times we buy our domains in one account and we buy domains by registering in the domain panel with any email domain transferieren when we are new. In that case many of us have to transfer domains to another domain transferieren account so today I will teach you how to change Domain Transfer In Namecheap your namecheap domain from one to another. Transfer your domain transferieren domain to an account.

First you go to namecheap's website by This is namecheap's main website. After visiting this domain transferieren website you will see at the top left side Sign in button you will Domain Transfer In Namecheap then click on the tone to click Later you will get two boxes. The username that domain transferieren you gave when opening your account in the first box is the username. Enter the password that you gave when you domain transfer to godaddy opened your account in the second box then click on sign in button.

How To Domain Transfer In Namecheap & Domain Transfer For Beginners Follow Step By Step

You know namecheap gives us a lot of security. For our protection when we click on the sign in button then a code will domain transfer to godaddy be sent to our email. Clicking on it domain transfer to godaddy will then take you to your namecheap dashboard.

Then you will click on the Domain List button on the left side then the list of all the domains you have bought will come in front domain transfer process of you. After clicking, you will get domain transfer process four Domain Transfer In Namecheap options, then from these four options, the number three option, which is the share & transfer, click on this domain transfer process button, then you will have the options to transfer the domain.

When you arrive, you will see for yourself that there is a box next to New Owner. In this box you will enter the username domain transfer hostgator of the account to which you want to transfer your domain. If the username is correct then you will be asked for the password of your namecheap account after clicking on the domain transfer hostgator change button on the side. When you click on submit with the password, the domain transfer request will be sent to you and you will see that it is pending. When Domain Transfer In Namecheap he will accept, then this romantic of his will move here. This is how you have to transfer the namecheap domain.


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